bloody mary
bloody mary
bloody mary
The best tasting Bloody Mary this side of Heaven
Just one taste will introduce to a new bloody mary cocktail mix that will pleasantly surprise you. It's Blended with all-natural, quality ingredients, without preservaties. Choose from our traditional Hell of a Bloody Mary, or our Hell of a Bloody Caesar (with a tasteful hint of clam). Available in 32 oz. and 1.75 litre bottles, and can be found in a growing number of retailers, including Krogers, and many bars and taverns throughout the country.
bloody mary
bloody mary
Awards and Critical Review
2011 Scovie Awards

1st Place - Original

2nd Place - Habenero

2011 Fiery Food Challenge

Best Marketing Package - 1st Place

Best Marketing Logo - 1st Place

Best Marketing Print Ad - 1st Place

Best Marketing Label - 3rd Place
Smitty's Hell of a Falvor Enhancer is a pervect rimmer for your bloody mary or bloody caesar.
"The Bloody Caesar may have conquered Canada, but in Hell it's the Bloody Smitty that's commanting attention"
      Ann Arbor News
Nestled in the beautiful lake country North of Ann Arbor is Hell Michigan, where restrauteur & chef Mike Hickey created his award-wining Bloody Caesar Cocktail mix. His passion was to create the best tasting cocktail he could, and as local demand for his drink grew it became clear to Mike to devote all his efforts in creating the best tasting bloody caesar this side of heaven.
bloody mary
bloody mary
bloody mary
Promotional Flyers and Distributor Specifications
If you like to find out about adding our bloody mary mix to your line of products, email us or give us a call. We would like to tell you more.